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Professional care for your pet


Veterinary clinic Vet-Centar d.o.o. was founded in 2010 and it is situated 300 metres from Kaufland shopping centre in direction of Antonci.

The clinic’s aim is quality, and our mission is to provide the best possible care for all our animals both with and without health problems. We do work on prevention as well. The owners and we share a common goal of providing a happy, comfortable and long life to our pets.

The owners can get legal advice and instructions on how to keep, protect and cure animals under their supervision. The most important for us are knowledge and skills, and dedication and ethics give real sense to what we do.

Since 2021 we have implemented HRN EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 norm into our work.

Dear clients, we report the following changes in the working hours of the clinic and veterinary pharmacy of Vet-Centar.

monday – friday 8 – 19
saturday 8 – 13
sunday 8 – 10

Urgency (0-24)


Veterinary services

Veterinary services we offer: prevention, diagnostic, surgery, internal veterinary medicine, obstetrics, dentistry services, ophthalmology services...



Different diagnostics procedures are done in our clinic, using state of the art technology owned by the clinic. In cooperation with different laboratories and institutions we determine the cortisol concentration in blood, as well as pathohistological, bacteriological, virology, parasite, cytology and allergy diagnostics.


Additional offers/services

Our pet shop and pharmacy offer food for your pets, as well as other pet products and advice on how to keep, feed and take care of your pet. In case of need we offer health care of your pet in the comfort of their home. Please note, we do it only in specific situations as such exam is rather restricted.

Our services

Professional care for your pet

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